The Brews Bros Dragons Glass 250ml Short Fill E Liquid with nicotine shots

Dragons Glass | 250ml Shortfill

Blackcurrant Menthol
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Brews Bros Dragons Glass 250ml Shortfill

Flavour: Fresh blackcurrant menthol.

  • 7 day steep
  • Just add nicotine shots (if required) and steep
  • 250ml of eliquid in total

What is a 250ml Shortfill?

Our 250ml Shortfill contains unsteeped ready made e-liquid. You can choose your VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength and type of nicotine in the drop down boxes above. The eliquid you receive will be pre-mixed to the ratio you've requested. You will receive enough nic shots (if required) that when added to the eliquid, will make the nicotine strength you've asked for. All you need to do is give the bottle a good shake, and let it steep for the time recommended on the label.

If you are going to order a 0mg product, but plan to use your own nicotine shots - please choose 210ml for the option "How much would you like us to fill it?".


  • Contains menthol, not WS-23

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Dragons Glass

From the moment you crack open the cap, to the first smooth refreshing exhale you are in for a treat.

The insatiable hit of mouthwatering blackcurrant coupled with the exhilarating menthol makes this a 5 star vape for sure.

Lord Barrington
Dragons Glass

"Well, having been on a quest for a decent blackcurrant menthol that doesnt taste like cheap ass coig medicine. I'd given up hope.

Then the boys at Brew Bros developed this gem. Its amazing. A perfect blend of a nice strong blackcurrant with a delicate, yet refined balance of a nice menthol hit. I'm litterally blown away at how good this is.
Many of the flavours the Brews Bros are fantastic. But this is a game changer for me. Ibe finally found the flavour I've spent years searching for. The quest is over. It's quite sad now. But wow. What a fantastic end.

You cant go wrong with this. Amazing flavour."

Ames Games
Dragons Glass

Such an amazing vape. The blackcurrant and menthol ratio is spot on. You get a nice blackberry on the inhale and a nice method hit on the exhale. Can't wait to try more flavours

Cameron mcneill
Dragons Glass

Like the other reviews this was the best blackcurrant menthol ejuice ive tried in my 3 years of vaping. Only my 2nd order and im very impressed so far hopefully capt'n cook is as good

Dragons Glass

Nice juicy blackcurrant flavour (tastes more like blackcurrant starburst than fresh blackcurrant) with a smooth menthol hit. Thought I detected some aniseed in there but I could be wrong. Pretty kind on coils so far too!