Death Grind | 60ml Longfill

Death Grind | 60ml Longfill

Caramel Latte
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Brews Bros Death Grind 60ml Longfill

Flavour: Caramel latte coffee
  • Option to add salt nicotine shots and/or booster shots up to 12mg
  • Ready to vape
  • 20ml of 50VG/50PG flavour concentrate
  • Designed to be 50VG/50PG
  • Perfect for MTL users

What is a 60ml Longfill?

Our Death Grind Longfill contains 20ml of 50VG/50PG flavour concentrate. It contains no nicotine, but depending on which option you choose, you will be provided nicotine shots and/or booster shots. Once you've added your nicotine shots and booster shots, you will have 60ml of 50VG/50PG e liquid at the nicotine strength you chose. 

Mixing Instructions:

Below is a quick cheat sheet on how to mix your 60ml e liquid longfill based on the option you chose above. If you chose longfill only you will need to mix it into eliquid with your own VG, PG and nicotine as you will only receive the longfill on it's own. We sell Booster Shots separately if needed.

3mg - Add 1 nicotine shot and 3 booster shots (provided)

6mg - Add 2 nicotine shots and 2 booster shots (provided)

9mg - Add 3 nicotine shots and 1 booster shot (provided)

12mg - Add 4 nicotine shots (provided)

Advisories: Once you have added your nicotine shots and booster shots, make sure to place the nib and lid on securely and thoroughly shake for at least 60 seconds to allow the nicotine to mix with the e-liquid. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tony Walker

The best coffee vape ever will be ordering again and again

Death Grind

tried this in 50ml as im not a big fan of flavours like this usually but this shocked me. Love it and would buy again

Greg Begy
Death Grind

A sweet. Smooth creamy coffee flavour with a good hint of caramel. The coffee flavour is great, very like a milky latte and the caramel adds a level of sweetness. Maybe a little too sweet to be an all day vape for me as I tend to vape fruits but it has been a great vape at the end of the day after dinner. A great flavour but a little sweet to be an all day vape for my taste but this is very much outside what I would normally buy and would be perfect for those who like their vapes a bit sweeter

Stunning blend

Blown away by this old school blend. Superb coffee blend. With an almost bakery edge to it. Imagine donut 🍩 dipped in Creamy coffee ☕️. Totally lush.