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The Brews Bros Blue Gums 250ml Short Fill e liquid with nicotine shots

Blue Gums | 250ml Shortfill

Blue Raspberry Bubblegum
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Brews Bros Blue Gums 250ml Shortfill

Flavour: Fruity blue raspberry with a chewy bubblegum centre. 

  • 7 day steep
  • Just add nicotine shots (if required) and steep
  • 250ml of eliquid in total

What is a 250ml Shortfill?

Our 250ml Shortfill contains unsteeped ready made e-liquid. You can choose your VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength and type of nicotine in the drop down boxes above. The eliquid you receive will be pre-mixed to the ratio you've requested. You will receive enough nic shots (if required) that when added to the eliquid, will make the nicotine strength you've asked for. All you need to do is give the bottle a good shake, and let it steep for the time recommended on the label.

 If you are going to order a 0mg product, but plan to use your own nicotine shots - please choose 210ml for the option "How much would you like us to fill it?".


  • Contains no WS-23 or menthol
  • Do not use with plastic tanks or any tank that has rubber o-rings.  
  • RDA’s only.
  • This flavour deteriorates rubber.

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