Vapor Storm Puma Review

Today, I'll be reviewing and sharing my thoughts around the Vapor Storm Puma 200w, dual 18650 mod.
I have used most devices on the market in my 5+ years of vaping so I have a good idea of what is worth my money and what isn't. Now, I'm not trying to fool anyone into thinking I buy my mods at full price! We of course have wholesale accounts which gives me access to better pricing, but for the purpose of these reviews I will be buying the devices at the RRP from a variety of online vape stores. 
I purchased this one from Ecigwizard for £49.99 (they are now on a discontinuing sale for £29.99). You might think this is a pointless review, however if this device is anything to go by then I think we can expect more good stuff from Vapor Storm. 
I'll firstly show some basic specifications of the device and then go into my own thoughts and how it weighs up in day to day usage.

Vapor storm Puma Features:

Material: Plastic
Model: Vapor Storm230 200W
Bypass VW TC Mod
Thread Type: 510 thread
Variable power: 200W
Temperature Control: 212 F - 600 F
Special Function: Vape Bypass
Special Bypass Function: 
-230w at largest output with bypass mode. 
-New TC Temperature Control Mode:  NI /TI /SS316 ,TCR

What's in the box:

1 x Storm230 puma Mod (Without 18650 Battery) 
1 x Micro USB Cable 
1 x User Manual.


Vapor Storm Puma     The mod I purchased is in the livery 'Cartoon'; they offer other colours and styles but to my disappointment, nothing in boring colours for people like myself who prefer something a little bit more vanilla. The cartoon is a cool design, and my favourite out of the options they provide, but if you are out and about nothing screams "I'm a vaper" more than this mod. It's a bit loud. 

When I unboxed the Puma, the feel of it put me off massively. It is extremely lightweight, even with batteries in the mod. Compared with something like my Asmodus Minikin Boost it feels like it wouldn't take a beating very well. However, after months of using and abusing it I can say it actually lasted a lot longer than I expected for a very cheap device.

To be exact its still alive which is more than can be said for the much more expensive Asmodus device. After multiple falls, it's not shown a single sign of damage. It does state on the Vapor Storm website that it's scratch proof, which is true on the most part but the bottom of the mod does have very small surface scratches on it but nothing to be upset about. So in my opinion, the Vapor Storm Puma wins the strength test hands down.

The mod itself is very bulky and not all that pocket friendly, but it is fairly ergonomic. That being said that applies to my hands so that is something you will have to find out yourself. If you prefer a smaller device this probably isn't for you. Going up against other mods I use, the Puma loses the battle for me on this one as it's not quite as pocket friendly and the 'fire' button is convex. If like me you have a habit of forgetting to lock your vaping device, it has a habit of burning coils out quickly. I was in Greece last October, and paired it with an Aspire Nautilus 2s tank with a fresh coil and some of our Kratos eliquid. Unknown to me at the time whilst I was travelling down an off-road track in a 1000cc Dune Buggy that my mod was burning the life out of my coil repeatedly. Annoying. 
Other than moments like that, which can happen with any vaping device if you are forgetful, it's been a pretty much all round decent device. The screen isn't over complex on it which prolongs the battery life, the battery cover is magnetic and it's shown no real signs of wear or loss of attraction. The screen isn't full of confusing trickery and false fanciness, its just a decent straight forward mod that can be used by anyone, easily.

The Vapor Storm Puma truly looks like the day I got it out the box. It's showing no signs of dying and I will always keep it in rotation. If I go away for a weekend with a fresh pair of 18650 batteries, I know I don't have to worry about a battery charger or spare batteries because at 20w it will last me a solid 3 days. For day to day vaping I usually use something a bit smaller like the Vapor Storm Puma Baby 80w
So a quick summary:

- Amazing price
- Lightweight Dual 18650 
- Workhorse
- Easy to use
- Has an almost 'Soft touch' coating which adds to it's seat in the hand
- Colour options are a bit to out there for me.
- Quite bulky in the pocket, makes you look a bit too happy to be there. 
- Convex 'fire' button, prone to accidentally firing the device. 
Overall Score 7/10
Thanks for reading my review on the Vapor Storm Puma, please leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and to be in with a chance of winning one for yourself!
For a difference in opinion, I've attached a RIP Trippers review on the same vape device. He said it's not a sturdy device, but I beg to differ after months of use. 



  • Absolute work beaters.. Nice read.. Clean and clear.. Tidy!!

    Aaron O'Connor
  • Decent review, nice and concise while still covering the subject fully 👍

    Andy Chapman

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