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While we have a permanent FAQ section on our website, it mainly covers the boring stuff: delivery details, stock and how to order. But there are a few things we regularly get asked that you might be wondering about too if you’re reading this.

My Nicotine Shot says 18mg on the label, so why doesn’t it make my eliquid 18mg?

I think this is probably our most asked question ever, which makes sense as when I first started using nicotine shots this was a question I had as well.  One way to explain, is that our nicotine shots are 18mg per 10ml of liquid, which is why they state 18mg on the label. When it’s mixed with a larger amount of eliquid it dilutes and creates a smaller mg of nicotine content. For our products in particular for example, adding a 10ml 18mg Nicotine Shot to one of our 50ml Shortfills, will result in a 3mg nicotine strength overall.

My 250ml Shortfill says Brews Shot on the label but the bottle is full, have I received the wrong item?

No, the item you’ve received is right! To ensure we can keep the 250ml Shortfills as simple as possible, we mix our 250ml Shortfills straight from 250ml Brews Shots as an alternative to our customers mixing them, which saves us space and time, meaning we can also keep the retail price as low as possible.

Can I add more than 1 Nicotine Shot to one of your 50ml Shortfills?

You can if you really want to, it’s completely your choice, and some of our customers do this out of preference to having a smaller bottle with a higher nicotine content, but we do not recommend it. Our 50ml Shortfills are designed to have 1 Nicotine Shot added to them, and are specifically mixed in order to be 70VG/30PG with a 3mg nicotine strength. If you add more nicotine shots, it will change the VG/PG ratio, the nicotine strength and it will also dilute the flavour. 

Why didn’t my Starter Kit come with PG?

Depending on the VG/PG ratio you’re looking to have, you don’t always need to use PG. If you’re happy with an 80VG/20PG ratio, you can just top your Brews Shot up with our nicotine shots and VG, as our flavour concentrates are PG based. This is the most commonly used e liquid ratio by our customers, so we don’t provide PG in our Starter Kits anymore. If you are in need of some though, we do sell it separately.

The Brews Bros 500ml Starter Kit E Liquid Lincolnshire Pudding and Fruit Chews


Do you have any discounts running right now?

If we have a discount live, it will usually be advertised on our home page banner, all of our social media pages and on our weekly newsletters. We don’t have huge discounts all the time, but if you are on our newsletter mailing list you can use the code ‘BREWSBROS’ for 10% off, for life! (You can subscribe at the bottom of this page)

How do I speed up steeping?

As much as we’d love to have a quick cheat for steeping, unfortunately there just isn’t one that we know about. The recommended way to steep your eliquids properly is to leave them in a cool, dark place such as a kitchen cupboard, and wait. Give the bottle a shake every couple of days and let the process happen. When we develop flavours, we mix them up and try them at regular intervals to see how the flavour changes. This process happens over a good couple of months, so when we recommend a steep time, this is tried and tested by us and it’s what we think is best. If you’re keen to try a flavour as soon as it’s delivered to your door, there’s no harm in having a tank full, then you can see how it changes over time yourself.

Hopefully this clears a few things up for you all. Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments below, and I’ll make sure to round them all up and answer them in another blog post like this one.

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