How To Quit Smoking and Stick At It

In an ideal situation, you should be able to put your cigarettes in the bin, pick up a vape and never look back - however we know that for some people, this can be a struggle. We’ve had lots of people come into our physical store for the first time to tell us they’ve vaped before, but ended up smoking cigarettes again, and with the rising prices all over the world, we want to help you quit for good.

The question is; how can you combat this? There are loads of little tips and tricks that you can use alongside vaping to ensure you won’t go back to cigarettes, and hopefully they’ll help you in your journey to becoming smoke-free for good: because it can really be easy to quit smoking, even if you don’t think it is right now!

Treat yourself!

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Jake did some quick maths in a previous blog post of ours, highlighting what you could buy if you put all the money you’re saving from not buying cigarettes into one pot. Rather than saving that money over a full year, why not splurge to begin with and treat yourself? It gets harder before it gets easier when it comes to quitting the cig’s, so treating yourself more often with that little bit of extra money will make a huge difference to your mindset.

The average smoker spends around £158 a month on cigarettes! If you stopped, you could buy yourself:

  • Your favourite coffee from Caffe Nero every day of the month
  • A new video game every week
  • Weekly sock subscriptions?!

It completely depends on who you are and what you like; you might decide to treat yourself to some new trainers or even just a Mars bar, but each option above will still leave you with money left over for e-liquid to last you the month, and then some! Or, like Jake said previously, if you’re a saver at heart, that equals £1,896 extra (or more!) a year that you could be putting to one side for a rainy day.

Fight the urge!

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For most smokers, having a cigarette is part of a routine - on tea break, whilst driving to work, after a meal, but they’re also used as a comfort blanket in a way. How many times have you heard, or even said “I’m stressed, I need a cigarette”? It’s important to find something for you that replaces cigarettes in times when you feel like you need one, whether it’s vaping, eating an apple, using a stress ball or chewing gum. You probably won’t be able to avoid being stressed forever, but you can avoid how you fight that feeling by swapping them out for healthier alternatives.

Once you’ve broken the routine, you’re already 99% of the way to beating the cravings completely!

Get a support system!

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For many people, the real struggle when you’re trying to quit smoking is being around your friends or family that smoke, or worse, living in the same house as someone that smokes! We’ve all done it; you wake up on a hot summer's morning motivated to never go near a cigarette again and before you know it, you’re in the beer garden up the road surrounded by what feels like everybody in the world lighting one up.

You might think the answer is to remove all of these people from your life, but it’s not! It’s much easier to ask them to not smoke in front of you, or to cut down a little bit when you’re spending time together. According to, 60% of people that smoke in the UK want to quit, so chance has it you might even be helping your friends cut back or quit too.

We have a dedicated group on Facebook for our customers to talk, complain and celebrate. Over there, we talk about vaping and eliquid quite a bit, but we also talk about the journey to becoming smoke free, and offer support where we can. You don’t have to be a customer of ours to join!

Using different methods to quit smoking rather than going cold turkey has proven to be more effective in the past, so why not incorporate some of the above techniques into your day to day life (alongside vaping, of course) to make it all that bit easier. Pop us a message, we aren’t just here to sell eliquid, our mission as a company is to help as many people quit smoking as we can, and if we can offer any advice for your journey, we will!

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