Costs of Smoking VS Vaping

At The Brews Bros, we are a team of ex-smokers, so we understand it can be difficult, and even sometimes daunting to begin with when considering making the switch from cigarettes to a vape. We aren’t just here to provide affordable, tasty eliquid though, we’re here to give you the boost you might need, alongside all the help and advice we can give!

Costs of Smoking

I’ve based this calculation on a 20 pack of Sterling cigarettes, which are apparently the most popular in the UK at the moment. Of course if your preference is a different brand of cigarette, the cost will change slightly, but it shouldn’t be too huge.

20 Sterling Dual Cigarettes = £10.24 per pack

The average smoker in the UK goes through 10 cigarettes a day which means you’d need to buy around 183 packs per year to keep this up. Of course, if you were to smoke 20 cigarettes a day, this would double the cost below, per year.

183 Packs of Sterling Dual Cigarettes = £1873.92 per year

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Costs of Vaping

I’ll be using our own e liquids for a cost comparison here. If you’re just quitting smoking, we would recommend starting at a 6mg nicotine strength and seeing how that goes, so we’ll be using a 250ml 6mg Shortfill for the example.

6mg 250ml Shortfill (any flavour) = £18.91 per bottle

Based on vaping 10ml of e liquid a day, you would need to buy around 15 bottles per year to keep you going. This amount can of course vary depending on your vaping habits, you might only use 2ml a day, or you might use more. 

15 Bottles of 6mg 250ml Shortfills = £283.65 per year

It’s important to mention that you will of course need an e-cigarette to begin with, as well as regularly changing the coils. This is another one of those things that can vary in cost, but we’ve put together an average cost for over the course of a year to give you an idea.

E-cigarette and Coils = £170 per year


Total Cost of Smoking = £1873.92 per year
Total Cost of Vaping = £453.65 per year

This means that the average saving is £1,420.27, which is the same as £118.36 per month and £27.32 per week extra in your pocket. There’s an endless list of things you could buy with that spare money, so I won’t bore you with it, and it’s also a really decent amount to just put to one side for a rainy day. Why not try doing the calculation for your personal usage and see what number you get to? It might surprise you! 

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