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The Brews Bros nicotine shot 18mg

Nicotine Shot 18mg

Brews Bros
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Nicotine Shot – 18mg 70VG/30PG base

Designed to be added to our 50ml Shortfills, 250ml Brews Shots and 250ml Pre-mixed Brews Shots.

Valid E-Cid Numbers – checkable to the MHRA Database.

Please make sure to take care when handling nicotine.  Nicotine is a stimulant and an addictive substance and should only be used if required, with caution and care.  Please read the label and keep well out of reach of children.  Please make sure to take care when disposing the bottles.

For different nicotine strengths:


  • 3mg – 1 Nic shot per 50ml


  • 1.5mg – 2 Nic shots per 250ml
  • 3mg – 4 Nic shots per 250ml
  • 6mg – 8 Nic shots per 250ml