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Blue Gums One Shot

Blue Raspberry Bubblegum
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Brews Bros Blue Gums One Shot

Flavour: Blue raspberry bubblegum sweets. 

  • Mix @ 20%
  • Recommended 7 day steep
  • 30ml of PG Based Concentrate

What is a One Shot?

Our Blue Gums One Shot is 30ml of pure concentrate, it contains no nicotine and is not ready to vape. To create eliquid, you'll need VG, PG, nicotine (if necessary). Measuring equipment such as syringes, an accurate mixing calculator, and a bottle for your final mix are also essentials.


  • Contains no WS-23 or menthol
  • Do not use with plastic tanks or any tank that has rubber o-rings.  
  • RDA’s only.
  • This flavour deteriorates rubber
  • Not ready to vape

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