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Vape Tanks are where you put your e liquid to enable you to vape it. Choosing the right tank, and coupling it with your favourite Vape Mod is essential in getting you the best output of your entire vaping experience. There's hundreds to choose from in the industry, that come in all different shapes and sizes tailored to your needs, to give you the most convenient and comfortable vape. We have chosen a few highly-rated tanks from reputable brands like Freemax, Hellvape and Smok, that we know and love. These Vape Tanks generally come with a few added extras too, like spare coils, spare glass, and warranty.
The type of vape delivery you want is the most important factor when deciding which tank will be right for you. Knowing which one you're looking for is essential: you can read our detailed explanation about these types of vaping in our recent Blog Post if you're new here.
Mouth-to-Lung tanks will give you a vape that's the most similar to smoking a cigarette, in terms of inhal/exhale, so it's designed to help people that are trying to be smoke-free and need a decent nicotine hit. In the office, we all tend to have an Aspire Nautilus 2s each in rotation for the days we need more of a kick, and we can't fault it. Direct-to-Lung, or commonly known as Sub Ohm tanks, like the famous Smok TFV12 Prince are generally designed for intemediatary, experienced and hobbyist vapers. They give you more vapour production, a clearer flavour output, and are best used with a high VG e liquid with a low nicotine content.

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