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Collection: One Shot Concentrates

Available in our top 12 best selling flavours, our One Shot concentrates are the ingredient when creating e liquid that brings the flavour. With fruity concoctions like Caribbean Queen, sweet creme brulee desserts like Holy Trinity and sour raspberry bursts like Atomic, there's a flavour for everyone, and they're easy to use!
Our One Shot concentrates are 30ml bottles that contain 30ml of pure e liquid flavour concentrate. They are nicotine free and are not at all ready to be vaped. To mix into e juice, you will need VG, PG and nicotine (depending on your needs), similar to our Brews Shots or Micro Shots. However, you will also need extra measuring equipment, such as syringes, empty bottles and an accurate mixing calculator. Our One Shots are also available via wholesale, send all enquiries to wholesale@thebrewsbros.co.uk.
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