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We stock 25+ deliciously flavoured vape concentrates that will give you a great vaping experience, and great satisfaction. Use our Brews Shots to create your own e liquid tailored to your device and your needs, and save yourself money while you're at it! You won't need lots of equipment to use these, so they're ideal if you hate mess.
Our 250ml Brews Shots are 250ml bottles that contain a percentage of vape concentrate (usually 62.5ml). It is NOT 250ml of eliquid or 250ml of flavour concentrate. This concentrate is completely nicotine-free and is not in any way ready to vape. To create e liquid, you will need to mix in VG, PG and nicotine shots depending on your requirements. Use an Eliquid Calculator to make sure you're adding the right amount of each! All of these products are also available via wholesale, please direct any enquiries to
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