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Collection: 18650 Vape Battery Chargers

Our range of vape battery chargers are compatible with a large variety of batteries to ensure you'll be able to find exactly what you need. Trying to avoid running out of charge might be first on your priority list, but charging your batteries properly is also detrimental to their life-span. We've included chargers with a range of features, such as the XTAR PB2 which is portable, the Efest Slim K1 which has an LED charge indicator, or the Efect LUC Blu6 which has a bluetooth feature.
We also made sure that every kind of vaper is covered, whether you just want a simple single cell vape battery charger such as the XTAR MC1 or if you know you'll need a lot of back ups the NiteCore i8 might be your best option due to it's 8 available bays. With chargers starting from only £6.99, you can't go wrong!
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