Business: Being Successful (PT 2)

First of all, thanks for coming back to read to Part 2: Being Successful! The response I got on the last one was spot on, so me waffling on seems to be enjoyable for a few people, me included. I’m going to mix some advice and some back stories into these; I want these to help people take the next step in business and also for those of you who are customers, to show you what goes on behind the scenes – the struggles and the reality.
Is success money?
I think its an age old saying, “if you learn from your mistakes then its not really a mistake”, whilst true, my opinion is learn from your mistakes and use that lesson as a guide away from different mistakes. I could write a book on how many business ideas I’ve had and how many are flying around my head at any time. The reason for that isn’t the money, it’s the need to achieve something and being successful in it; a need to put my name to something. Three years ago I had no real guide on where my life was going but I knew I didn’t want to be sat in a rest room moaning about what I should of done when I was younger. That isn’t the life for me at all and never will be. We have made plenty of mistakes, but I stopped allowing myself to be a person that could neither make a mistake or succeed.
The money question in the subheading stems from where I was three years ago Vs now. I was 23, did what I wanted when I wanted, had nice things, drove a Range Rover, had a motorbike, went on holiday quite a lot. From the outside it would probably appear that I had a lot of money, Whilst correct, I actually had a lot of debt; a lot of times of having a Range Rover parked outside my house with -£1000 in my bank. A steep price to pay for someone chasing a life I didn’t have. I couldn’t count on both hands the amount of people you will see day in day out living that lifestyle for someone else’s benefit, and a high percentage will never get away from it let alone admit it. I’m guilty of it, I thought its easier to just do that, It’s what everyone is doing. This mindset is so very wrong.
There’s no race in life
Don’t trick yourself into a false sense of entitlement. ‘I work hard, I deserve it’ was my key saying and the best thing you can do is not kid yourself anymore. The moment you change that attitude is the moment things will start to get better financially. There is no race in life, is someone’s ahead then that’s great for them or they could be in the same boat I was a few years ago, that’s for them to figure out. Three years later I’m out of a bad job, out of an abyss of debt I didn’t think I’d ever see the light at the end of the tunnel from. But am I rich? No, absolutely not. I feel successful everyday because myself and Liam give jobs to people who love their jobs, who are loyal to our brand and are trying to guide them away from the mistakes we have made so they are ahead of the game. We have thousands of customers and supporters who we provide an excellent service, built from nothing all because of our work ethic and motivation to never work a single day for someone else again. All it takes is motivation. Whatever your reasons may be.
You have to change your mindset about money before anything else. For example, I have just placed all of my savings and personal money into a new company, and when I say it all I truly mean it all. That might seem scary to most people, why throw money away, you might think. Well, business and risk is about more than the money you expect at the end of the month. I am at peace with the fact I could lose every single penny. If the blame is already on yourself, it becomes much harder to not succeed In what you are doing. There is no one to turn to when it’s all gone Pete Tong. That level of motivation is what pushes us, there is no failure, we just have to make it work, how you make it work is on you in your own endeavours in being successful. A piece of advice I could give to anyone wanting to set up doing something for themselves is, start small and scale it slowly, focus on what you are selling not how much of it you are selling. With the Brews Bros we always look for ways to increase the quality of our service and products: continuously making things better for the end user which, in itself will escalate sales. You will have seen many people pushing a product they don’t care about because they need money. That is exhausting to see because we all need money and what we spend it on needs to be of value. The most needs to be had for that money and before you offer the most in your product you will struggle.
So the answer to my opening question is success is not money. There is much more to life than £ signs but with success in business usually comes money. It’s kind of like the sword in the stone. If your intentions aren’t right then it probably wont happen. It’s a millennial world and people can smell greed from a mile away.
Start being honest
BusinessThe faster you get the truth into your system the easier it is. Don’t be bitter, be better.
This next part is a tough one for most people but you have to realise no one is really interested in your sob story, your products or helping you. That’s not to say no one cares, but they don’t reaaaaaally care if you get what I mean. No one will put their life on hold for your vision and that’s ok because you shouldn’t for other people either. Don’t be mad, just understand people are sometimes selfish and learn how to be selfish too. If the difference between putting more money into an idea and going out with friends means you piss a few people off, then they aren’t with you anyway so don’t worry about it.
The next truth is yourself; don’t pat yourself on the back too much. Be your own best critic and ask yourself, are you doing enough? Step outside your own shoes and be level headed about decisions, be critical towards your ideas and don’t be afraid to get laughed at. Laugh at your ideas too. The worst thing to see is someone who hasn’t thought something through who is also unwilling to listen to reason. You are not the best at everything and that’s good. Once I realised there are better people out there then I began to listen. Don’t be fooled into talking all the time to prove your worth, say you are unsure but you want to learn but also be careful who you learn from.
Believe your products are the best, but have valid reasons why. Them being your products isn’t a good enough reason. Validate that belief and compete with yourself; you could be the best but there’s always someone looking to be the best. Business isn’t a destination, set yourself stupid goals and reaching the easy ones will seem easier. Be honest about mistakes you have made whether it be with your customers or a decision. You will gain much more respect this way. Just don’t keep making those mistakes as that respect will soon disappear and you will look idle.
There are lots of people doing more sales than us and for that I’m glad. It’s helped us grow faster than we expected and kept pushing us to better ourselves on our journey to being successful. If no one ups the ante then you all stay still. Don’t be bitter, be better.
Too late and can’t do business
BusinessChange the game yourself.

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The most baffling saying I ever hear is ‘I wish I could do that’. The reasoning is usually I can’t do it or I’m to late or too old. Both reasons are bullshitl those kind of people are pictured above (PUBG gamers will get it). For those of you out there who don’t play PUBG I’ll explain my shit metaphor. The crate pictured is full of life saving meds or A class weapons; a lot of players spend their time looking for one thinking its a shortcut to a win then usually get dry pumped by players who have been dealing with the hand they were dealt earlier on in the game. The moral to this story is stop waiting and stop making excuses because whilst you are doing that people are making the best of it and getting ahead. Nothing is fair or even and those that are currently being successful struggle, and it’s silly of you to think they aren’t.
You just need to stop wishing, and start starting.
Stop, change or carry on
BusinessChoose which way you want to go, don’t go both ways.
So many people when they set out in business want to do everything, want to appeal to everyone and want to please everyone. The truth is you can’t. Focus on what you are good at and go with that and always have a vision to where you want to be, what type of brand you want to be and where you don’t want to go. I feel this keeps you on track to the right things, Albert Einstein said ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ In business, sometimes you have to go through that process a few times to determine if you are going in the right direction. Stick it out for a good length of time but know when to change course as it may be too late to do otherwise: evaluate what works and what doesn’t.
We opened in November 2017 with a flying head start, our expectations were low and we quickly surpassed them. Whilst it was great at the time, it allowed us to become stagnant because our goals were set too low. Fast forward to June 2018 and the glory days had ended, we had got hung up on how well we had done in the past 6-9 months and thought the growth of the business was coming regardless. That’s not to say we got lazy, we were just doing the wrong things and the pace had changed. Our sales and growth started to level out and we couldn’t see any further ahead than what we were. We had a few moves in the prior months that had put us up there and once the novelty of us releasing the 250ml starter kit wore off we were no longer different.
We learnt a fast and hard lesson with this and it taught us to not look at what others were doing so much but to look at what we weren’t doing. So we began to ask each other the question, what are our flaws and what are our advantages. Once all the honesty had aired out we realised from a customer point of view all our products were boring to look at although the product was good, there was no attraction. This was when we set about a re-brand to bring new eyes to our products and we also launched our ‘250ml shortfill’ (now known as premixed brews shots) these two in themselves brought an end to the dry spell and we expanded quickly appealing to more retail and B2b customers. Had we not have done this, Brews Bros would be where it is now, if at all. This for me was the pivotal point of our business and without prior failures in business we probably wouldn’t have seen that coming. Sometimes you have to decide if it’s time to stop, change direction or carry on, not something I’m an expert in but its just a case of judgement whether right or wrong.
Thanks again for sticking it out, my SEO tool is showing red for readability but I’m basically Sarah Connor and I don’t give a shit about machines, I’ll also be back for part three.

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